About Liimu

Liimu McGill is living proof that there is never any reason to stop following your dreams. In 2008, Liimu was stuck in a soulless job that seemed to sap her zest for life more and more every day. Hopeful to change her situation, and inspired by the Law of Attraction, she began writing her thoughts in her journal, detailing how her ideal life would look.

She dared to dream of having her own business while pursuing her love of singing and writing. Her first-hand written account of her journey ended up being the manifestation of a million dollar business and an opportunity to sing on NBC in front of 10 million viewers. Her written narrative is now a published book titled The MomStar Manifesto.

A few years after writing her way to success, women, inspired by Liimu’s fearlessness, began asking her for advice and guidance. She realized she was articulating a process that worked for herself and would also do so for other women. In April of 2017, she began teaching this process through guided workshops and speaking engagements. Her goal is to help women to pursue their dreams while encouraging their children to do the same. 

Liimu continues to run her consulting business while helping women manifest their dreams. Her second book, The MomStar Manifesto- Book 2, Body Language, will be published in Spring of 2018. She resides in California with her husband and four children. She is still an avid singer, writer, business owner, and thriving MomStar.